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Zirconium Porcelain Veneer is used in the field of coating without female metal support. When the substance called zirconia is combined with oxygen, it turns into a hard consistency and although it is used in some allergenic cases in dentistry, it is preferred because it preserves the naturalness of the teeth in non-allergenic cases. In addition, since zirconium is a light-transmitting material, naturalness is achieved in tooth color. One of the most important points in all coatings is to capture the naturalness and thanks to zirconium, we can provide this naturalness to our patients.

What is Zirconium Coating?

Obtained from zirconium metal; It is a veneer that is suitable for the oral tissue and fully compatible with the structure of the teeth.

Zirconium veneer is a branch of application that offers successful and healthy results for our clients who want to have their teeth covered but are hesitant due to aesthetic concerns. The zirconium coating provides the best treatment results due to its durable structure. Zirconium coating is a white alloy used instead of gray metal, which is the infrastructure of classical porcelain bridges and prostheses. It can be used in severe discoloration of the teeth, in cases where orthodontic treatment is not preferred, in teeth with excessive substance loss, posterior and anterior group teeth, implant-supported prostheses and smile aesthetics. In cases where there is functional deterioration in the teeth, the necessity of zirconium coating arises. As they are supportive, they also have the advantage of high durability.

How is it applied?

In order for the zirconium coating treatment to be successful, a wide treatment plan is created by the experts.

As the first procedure, the general control of the teeth is performed by the dentist.

After dental checks, the tooth model is removed.

The wax model of the teeth is made on the model prepared according to the measure.

The model is transferred to the computer environment and corrected by software.

After the software process is completed, the zirconium oxide is transferred to the block and the final shape is given for the infrastructure of the teeth.

After the firing is completed, ceramic porcelain in a harmonious color is added on the zirconium substructure.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium Treatment?

After abrading around the teeth, measurements are taken from the relevant area with precision impression materials. Thus, the harmonious zirconium infrastructure process begins in the laboratory environment. After checking the compatibility of the zirconiums in the patient’s mouth, the superstructure production is completed with natural porcelain powders. The zirconium crowns that come out as a result of production are adapted and adhered to the tooth.

Provides a natural and aesthetic smile as its light transmittance resembles a tooth.

Thanks to their high gingival compatibility, they do not cause discoloration on the gingiva.

White zirconium does not cause dark reflection under the gingiva.

As it is a resistant material, it can be used safely in the back teeth.

It prevents the formation of bacteria and plaque in the mouth and does not cause bad breath.

Since there is no metal under the porcelain, it does not cause allergic reactions.

They are comfortable to use because of their low thermal conductivity.

Since they surround the teeth all around, they are protective applications against the formation of caries.

The lab phase is quick and easy.

In Which Situations Is Zirconium Applied?

Teeth with crooked and irregular positions

In the treatment of dark and extremely yellowed teeth

In order to protect the teeth of patients with high caries susceptibility

Instead of incompatible and unnatural looking porcelain veneers

Closing areas with edentulous spaces between teeth

It is applied in cases of coating on the implant.

***Give the closest appearance to your natural teeth in terms of aesthetics at Besty Clinic with zirconium veneer. Enjoy your smile with healthy and aesthetically pleasing teeth.

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