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Upper Eyelıd Aesthetıcs

Upper eyelid aesthetics is the operation of stretching the skin around the eyes in order to interfere with sagging and wrinkles in the eye area.


It is a plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery operation. This operation, which is generally preferred by women, becomes a necessity for women who have passed the maturity period. 

Upper eyelid operations are also called blepharoplasty. Especially in women, between the ages of 30-50, the place that shows the signs of aging the fastest is the eyelids. Our eyelids generally consist of skin, muscle and fat layer from the outside to the inside. Over time, due to aging, excessive exposure to sunlight, genetics, the fat on the eyelid shifts forward and the muscles begin to relax. As a result, sagging of the eyelids and the formation of bags under the eyes occur. Eyelid lift surgery will not only give your face a younger and more dynamic look, but will also eliminate your visual impairment caused by eyelid slippage. Thanks to this operation, you can throw your signs of aging back an average of 10 years. Our eyelid operations include lower-upper eyelid lift operation, laser eyelid lift operation. 

Treatment Process 

Eyelid operations are usually performed with local anesthesia, and sometimes general anesthesia can be applied depending on the situation. The surgery takes between 1 and 2 hours on average. The patient is discharged on the same day as the operation. 


Swelling may occur around the eyes immediately after the operation. In rare cases, burning in the eyes and blurred vision may occur. These are perfectly normal and expected situations. Due to the light sensitivity that will occur in the eyes, we should be protected from sunlight and other disturbing lights for a while after the operation. Stitches are removed within 1 week after the operation. Afterwards, you can enjoy rejuvenation. 

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