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Smile Design is the process of making the teeth or gums whose aesthetic appearance deteriorated for various reasons look beautiful and natural as possible taking into account the face shapes and needs of the patient.


Smile Design Treatment Process

Porcelain tooth veneer method, with its shortest definition, means the application of veneers made of porcelain materials on the teeth. These personalized porcelain teeth, which are made in accordance with the bone color and alignment of the people, are produced from high quality materials. It is applied to teeth that have been damaged for various reasons and have lost excessive substance. Porcelain veneer can also be made for aesthetic reasons, but this is completely dependent on the person’s request. This dental veneer method, which is designed separately for each tooth, is one of the most frequently preferred methods by both patients and doctors. After the measurement of each of the teeth is taken, porcelain veneers are placed on each tooth one by one.

Things to Consider After Smile Design

– Oral hygiene must be taken very seriously.
– Required routine checks should be done at least twice a year.
– Tobacco products should not be used.
– Regular cleaning procedures should be applied.

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