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It involves facilitating better breathing as well as improving the look you desire




What Is Rhinoplasty ?

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery operation performed to interfere with the nose. This operation, which is preferred by women and men, is performed to eliminate congenital defects, structural disorders and facilitate breathing.
The most important characteristic organ of the human face is the nose. The general appearance and shape of the nose is directly proportional to the beauty of the face. Today, people’s facial beauty is usually measured by the beauty of their nose. Rhinoplasty is sometimes performed as a medical necessity due to the presence of meat and bone in the nose, and sometimes it is done in accordance with the shape of the face in terms of aesthetics. No matter how aesthetically important the nose is, its most important function is respiratory function. Rhinoplasty is the most preferred and the most satisfactory operation today.

To Whom Can Nose Aesthetics Be Applied?

Rhinoplasty can be applied to anyone who wishes aesthetically or medically. It is a highly preferred operation among our patients who are not aesthetically satisfied with the structure and shape of the nose.

Techniques Of Rhinoplasty ?

There are 3 main factors that are important in nose operations. The nostrils, the tip of the nose and the bridge of the nose. After the doctor’s evaluation by looking at the patient’s wishes and medical needs, the most accurate operation type and time can be selected and the procedure can be performed. There are more than one treatment method in rhinoplasty operations. Rhinoplasty is divided into two as Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty. The most obvious difference between the two operation techniques is related to the incision made in the operation. In closed rhinoplasty operations, the incision is made through the nose, and no incision is made other than that. Closed rhinoplasty operations take a shorter time than open rhinoplasty. But in open rhinoplasty operations, nose dominance is more. Surgical techniques also vary in these.


Before Rhinoplasty

  • Aspirin and other blood thinners, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin
    pills, weight-loss pills should be discontinued before surgery and should not be
    used for 10 days after surgery as this will cause bleeding during and after surgery.
  • Since herbal teas (green tea, lemon tea, etc.) may increase the risk of bleeding, it
    should not be used before and after 1 week of the surgical intervention. You can
    drink black tea.
  • It is advisable not to consume foods containing salicylic acid such as cherries, sour
    cherries, garlic, fresh and dried grapes, watermelons, which rarely increase bleeding,
    and have aspirin-like effects within a week before surgery if possible.
  •  Smoking and hookah negatively affect wound healing. Therefore, it is recommended
    to stop it as early as possible before surgery and not to use it for 10 days
  • Alcohol consumption should be stopped before the operation.
  • You should stop eating and drinking 8 hours before your surgery.

Operation Day

  • Please come to the hospital on the day of the operation with comfortable clothing. If possible, prefer buttoned dresses, not worn to the head.
  • Please do not make up and do not apply nail polish.
  • Please leave your jewellery at hotel (wedding rings, necklace).
  • Take a warm shower the night before surgery; do not use hair spray, gel. Male patients should have a shaving beard.
  • It is recommended to have a companion with you as you will stay in the hospital for 1 night.

After Rhinoplasty

  • Patients are kept under observation for at least one day after surgery. In more extensive surgeries, the patient may need to stay in the hospital for two days.
  • After the surgery, the splints placed in order to preserve the new shape of the nose should not be removed for about a week.
  • The sutures placed during the surgery can be absorbed by the body in some surgeries, while in others, they must be removed by the doctor after about a week.
  • Headache and facial swelling may occur after surgery. Pain relievers can be given by a specialist for possible pain.
  • It is also recommended to be careful about exposure to sun rays.
  • Rhinoplasty affects the eye area. Rhinoplasty may cause temporary numbness, swelling and bruising around the eyelids. Cold compresses are recommended to reduce swelling and discoloration.


Let us plan everything, you enjoy Istanbul.


Turkey has become the capital of health tourism in recent years. It is obvious that Turkey has become a medical solution center for neighboring countries and nearby geography, especially in certain branches. The main reasons why people prefer Turkey for both health and vacation:

  • Quality Health Services
  • Hospitals with Advanced Medical Equipment
  • Turkish Doctors Known in the world
  • Price Advantages
  • Infrastructure Facilities
  • Developing Technology
  • Suitable Climatic Conditions

Let us plan all the details about your treatment and travel, you discover the unique beauties of Turkey.

Rhinoplasty All Inclusive Package
  • Rhinoplasty Operation with our best international doctors.
  • Accommodation in 4/5 star hotels with special privileges for you. ( Deluxe Room, Late Check-Out etc.)
  • VIP Transfers
  • International Patient Host
  • Pre-Operation Photoshop Work
  • 1 year online check-up
Make an Appointment
We are here for your treatment in Turkey
  1. First of all, you are making an appointment with us for an appropriate time.
  2. You are buying a plane ticket to Turkey.
  3. We welcome you from the Airport in our VIP vehicles and you check into your hotel to settle down.
  4. We provide all transfers between the clinic and the hotel until the end of your transactions.
  5. While waiting for your transactions, we refer you to the Turkish bath, which is our gift.
  6. When your treatments are over, we will send you from the airport to your country.

Free Consultation

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    Operation : Rhinoplasty
    Operation Description : The appearance of the nose is improved by changing the size of the nose, the tip of the nose, the bridge of the nose and the shape of the nostrils.
    Accomadation : 7 Night in Hotel, 1 Night in Hospital
    Anesthesia : General Anesthesia
    Duration : 2-3 Hours
    Side Effect : Swelling, Bleeding
    Recuperation : You can return to work within 7 days.
    Exercise : After 3 to 4 weeks.
    Results : Swelling goes down in 7-15 days, final results can be seen within 6 months-1 year.

    Consult Our Doctor

    Rhinoplasty FAQ

    Rhinoplasty operation is not just an aesthetic operation. Many people who have difficulty breathing prefer this operation. Rhinoplasty operation is also performed in congenital or accidental deformities

    You can return to work within 7 days.

    After the operation, it is necessary to stay in the hospital for 1 night.

    Rhinoplasty operation can be applied to our patients over the age of 18.

    The nasal tampon is removed 6 days after the operation.

    Before the operation, our doctor will examine you. Then you can decide on the nose shape you want with the photoshop program.

    Rhinoplasty operation is performed under general anesthesia. Therefore, you will not feel any pain during the operation. Some effects may be seen after surgery. (Swelling, bleeding, headache, etc.)

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