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Lip Enlargement treatment can be tailored to your needs providing a natural or fuller appearance


Lip lift is operations performed to lengthen or shorten the lip, as the upper lip area becomes more ideal in proportion to the face. After the lip lift operation, the patient is observed for 1-2 hours and then can continue his daily life.

In some people, thinning of the lips can be seen with the withdrawal of lip oils with aging. The same situation can be seen in some people with structurally thin lips at younger ages. In procedures such as lip lifting and thickening, the operation is completed by using permanent materials taken from the body or the lip is thickened by using fillers. The operation is also known as Lipt Lift. It is a very easy operation. The swelling in the lip decreases within 7-10 days after the operation.

Treatment Process

An incision is made just under the nose at the point where the nose and upper lip meet. The length, which we can call the excess, is subtracted. After this operation, the distance between the nose and the upper lip is shortened and a pleasing image is obtained. The line on the upper lip is lengthened. There is a certain proportion between the upper lip and the lower lip. This operation may vary according to need and situation. You can plan your treatment process by contacting our doctors.

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