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Hair FAQ

The procedure does not cause any pain or suffering in exchange for local assistance. Use of ancillary medication from the doctor for those who are lighter than the aid package.

Since hair follicles that are coded not to fall out in the nape part are used in hair transplantation operations, the hair does not fall out at a rate of 95% in general.

There is no scar in the hair transplant area. Redness, etc., during the procedure in the area where the hair to be transplanted is taken. it could be. However, 90% of the treatment unit does not leave a scar and tissue deterioration.

Hair transplant cannot be taken from someone other than the person himself/herself.

Hair transplantation may not be suitable for everyone. You can learn this by getting information from your specialist doctor, whom you will see beforehand.

It will be difficult for you to distinguish the hair transplanted in our clinic from your normal hair. Therefore, the transplanted hair will provide a 100% natural look.

Since hair transplantation is a procedure performed with local anesthesia, it does not carry any vital risks in general. However, since there is a risk in every small-large operation, it will be beneficial to perform it with the most care.

It can take about 5-7 hours. This period may vary from person to person.

No. This is exactly the great advantage of the FUE technique over the FUT technique. In the FUE technique, small grafts are taken and there is no scar. Only under closer inspection and bright light, the small-sized pores are visible, but not obvious under the existing hair.

3 months are required for the hair transplanted after transplantation to start to grow permanently. From the 6th month, the change is noticeable and a natural, voluminous result is obtained in 10-12 months. ***This is a process that varies for each person.

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