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Face FAQ

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Anti-wrinkle treatments last about 3 months, with regular maintenance this time can extend to 6 months. Muscle relaxant treatments can last 3 months, with regular maintenance this time can extend to 6 months. Dermal Filler treatments can last anywhere from 6-10 months. We use a long lasting material that is the highest quality.

We like to schedule a free facial aesthetics consultation appointment so that she can go over everything with you in fine details. The anti-wrinkle treatment is quite quick and can be done in a lunch break! Our muscle relaxing treatment is done in the same timely manner. Our dermal filler treatment takes around 30 minutes as we use a local anaesthetic and we would recommend treating this the same as a normal dental appointment with numbing agent. You will have to wait a few hours for the anaesthetic to wear off.

For anti-wrinkle and dermal filler 1 in 20 will bruise, everyone is different. If possible, avoid consumption of alcohol before and after your treatment.

It is highly unlikely there will be swelling with anti-wrinkle treatments, however you may have some pinpoint redness for around half an hour. Dermal Fillers will have some associated swelling that will subside within 48 hours with the site completely settling within 2 weeks.

You cannot exercise for 24 hours post treatment, as it will affect the result and compromise the longevity of treatment.

It is recommended you do not exercise or consume alcohol for 24 hours post treatment.

We also highly recommend not touching your face or area of treatment for at least 6 hours after treatment. This will ensure that the product doesn’t get moved around.

Everyone’s pain threshold is different, but we make your experience as comfortable as possible, our dentists are extremely experienced with facial aesthetics and ensure that you are completely numb for any dermal filler treatments.

We don’t use any numbing agents for anti-wrinkle treatments as the procedure itself is very quick, the needle is also very fine and the treatment is quick. For Dermal Fillers we like to use local anaesthetic in the area for patients’ comfort, which means that the whole treatment is pain free!

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