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Dental Whıtenıng


Dental Whitening

Why is Laser Teeth Whitening Important?

Today, a white smile is one of the most important requirements of professional life. For this reason, teeth whitening is requested by hundreds of people who care about their smiles, and this number is constantly increasing. One of the leading teeth whitening options is the laser teeth whitening method. This process is especially useful for patients who have little time due to workload. The method provides whitening in a very short time and gives effective results.

How is Laser Teeth Whitening Performed?

The method is known as the most effective teeth whitening process that can only be applied in professional dental clinics such as Besty Clinic. In the process, the whitening gel is applied to each tooth and the temperature created by the laser accelerates the process and increases the whiteness of the teeth. The duration of treatment is an average of one hour. In addition to all these, special precautions are taken to prevent damage to the lips, gums, and other oral tissues in the laser teeth whitening method. Our clinic takes these precautions for you and applies all kinds of methods to safely complete the procedure.

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