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What Are Dental Implants?

Implants are screws made of titanium that are placed inside the jawbone. It is used as a missing tooth treatment and a dental prosthesis is placed on these screws. The advantage of the implant compared to other treatments is that it does not damage the adjacent teeth. Neighboring teeth are not cut or any action is applied. The implant takes over the task of the tooth root and you can eat and smile as easily as your natural teeth.

In Which Situations Implant Is Necessary?

A surgical operation is performed while dental implants are placed in the jawbone. Since the implants are placed inside the jawbone, there is no slippage and does not cause any problems. Implants do not rot because they are screws made of titanium. Implant application is a highly preferred treatment method today. Implant treatment is preferred especially in the following cases:

  • It can be applied when there is a single tooth loss. It can be treated with a single implant, as no procedure will be applied to the adjacent teeth.
  • If there are no teeth in the lower and upper jaws in the mouth, the implant method is preferred.
  • Bridges made in long areas without teeth cause problems in the following processes. It can be supported by implants.
  • In case of loss of molars, a bridge can be applied on the implant instead of the prosthesis.
  • If you do not want to use dentures, implant treatment will be the most suitable choice for you.
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Before Implant Treatment

Before starting the implant treatment, all necessary controls should be done in the company of doctors. There are some conditions necessary for the application of implant treatment. First, a comprehensive dental examination is performed. General health screening is performed because one or more surgical interventions are required. Then, a lower-upper jaw film and some tomography are taken to decide where and how the implants will be placed. Necessary measurements are taken. After all the examinations, the situation is transferred to the patient and the treatment process is planned. Implant selection is also very important at this point.


Placement of the implant is done with local anesthesia. It can be applied in general anesthesia when necessary. Oral hygiene is very important before starting the treatment. First, the area to be treated is cleaned and the teeth are extracted. Then there are two options for placing dental implants. It is applied in one-stage and two-stage. In a single-stage implant application, a temporary cap is attached after the implant is placed. In the two-stage implant application, after the dental implant is placed, it is covered with the gingiva and a certain time is expected for it to heal. The placed implant must fuse with the bone. A temporary bridge must be attached and a certain period of time must be waited for it to heal. This period is generally 3 months for the lower jaw and 6 months for the upper jaw. In some patients, newly made teeth can be placed on the implants applied immediately. During the healing process, you can continue with your daily activities such as eating, drinking and smiling with peace of mind until your new teeth are attached.

After Treatment

After the treatment, the tooth gets used to its place for a few weeks and there is a healing process. There may be situations that can be experienced in every dental surgical operation. Pain in the implanted area, swelling of your gums and face, and minor bleeding are common conditions. After the implant, you should pay attention to your nutrition during the fusion process. You should not consume too much hot or cold food. Nutrition is very important for you to protect the stitches. Using the necessary additional vitamins and minerals will speed up the healing process.

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Implant treatment is one of the most applied treatments in Turkey. We host patients from many countries of the world with our professional dentists and state-of-the-art clinic. In addition to affordable prices and quality service in Turkey, the 99% success rate in our implant treatments is the most important factor for you to choose us. As Besty Clinic, we guarantee you the best price and the best quality service.

While we plan your whole process, all you have to do is enjoy Istanbul.


Turkey has become the capital of health tourism in recent years. It is obvious that Turkey has become a medical solution center for neighboring countries and nearby geography, especially in certain branches. The main reasons why people prefer Turkey for both health and vacation:

  • Quality Health Services
  • Hospitals with Advanced Medical Equipment
  • Turkish Doctors Known in the world
  • Price Advantages
  • Infrastructure Facilities
  • Developing Technology
  • Suitable Climatic Conditions

Let us plan all the details about your treatment and travel, you discover the unique beauties of Turkey.

Implant Treatment All Inclusive Package

  • Dental Treatment
  • Free Panoramic X-Ray
  • Accommodation in 4/5 star hotels with special privileges for you. ( Deluxe Room, Late Check-Out etc.)
  • VIP Transfers
  • International Patient Host
  • Pre-Operation Photoshop Work
  • 1 year online check-up

We are here for your treatment in Turkey.

  1. First of all, you are making an appointment with us for an appropriate time.
  2. You are buying a plane ticket to Turkey.
  3. We welcome you from the Airport in our VIP vehicles and you check into your hotel to settle down.
  4. We provide all transfers between the clinic and the hotel until the end of your transactions.
  5. While waiting for your transactions, we refer you to the Turkish bath, which is our gift.
  6. When your treatments are over, we will send you from the airport to your country.

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    Implants are screws made of titanium that are placed inside the jawbone.

    If you have missing teeth or have problems with chewing and biting, you can choose implant treatment and get rid of all these problems.

    Implant treatment is not just an aesthetic treatment. It is generally applied in tooth loss. However, an aesthetic appearance is provided with the coatings made on the implant.

    No. Local anesthesia is applied during the treatment. you will not feel any pain because of this.

    The healing process is a period for the implant to fuse to the jawbone. Recovery time varies between 6 weeks and 6 months, depending on the patient. After the healing process is complete, the dental veneer will be placed.

    The implants we use are certified and guaranteed. Certificates will be given to you during treatment.

    The duration of use of the implants differs depending on the use. If you take care of your teeth regularly, you can use them for life.

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