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Dental FAQ

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– Gum bleeding
– Bad Breath
– Color change in the gums
– It is the gum growth and withdrawal.

First of all, it is necessary to put the resulting piece in milk and go to the dentist as soon as possible. If the falling tooth is milk tooth, filler can be applied. If the permanent tooth is out of the socket without any damage, canal treatment can be performed and placed in its place immediately after the accident. In the fractures, depending on the tissues affected by the fracture, various treatments from filler to canal treatment may be required.
In today’s dentistry, the obligation to use dentures to implant prosthesis has been eliminated with implant applications (screw to bone).
If the bruise has reached the nerves, it is not enough to fill only, however, the nerves at the root of the tooth must be removed and these channels must be filled. With the completion of the restoration on the canal filling, you can easily use your tooth
Not all broken teeth are pulled out, teeth can be saved with different treatment methods (filling or coating).
It is recommended to go to the dentist before pregnancy. Dental treatments without drugs are recommended in the first month of pregnancy and in the last three months. If necessary, emergency treatments are applied during pregnancy.
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