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It will lighten up your teeth and have a brighter smile again



Smile Design

Smile Design is the process of making the teeth or gums, whose aesthetic appearance deteriorated for various reasons, look as beautiful and natural as possible, taking into account the face shapes and needs of the patient. Smile Design is one of the first concepts that come to mind when it comes to aesthetics in dentistry. In addition, smile design is seen as a multidisciplinary approach and is performed by applying many processes together. Many applications such as aesthetic coatings, aesthetic filling applications, teeth whitening application, gingival treatments, tooth lengthening can be combined in this treatment process. Today, these processes are applied in a very practical way.


  • Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for those who want to have a smile design. In Istanbul, which is the center of health, you can be treated with the developing technology, the latest devices, methods and our successful dentists. While we plan your whole process, all you have to do is enjoy Istanbul.

Smile Design All Inclusive Package

  • Dental Treatment
  • Free Panoramic X-Ray
  • Accommodation in 4/5 star hotels with special privileges for you. (Deluxe Room, Late Check-Out etc.)
  • VIP Transfers
  • International Patient Host
  • Pre-Operation Photoshop Work
  • 1 year online check-up


Smile Design Treatment

When designing a smile, the priority is patient satisfaction and demands. Before starting the treatment, a detailed interview is made with the patient, and what he or she complains about and is uncomfortable with is determined meticulously. Afterwards, photos and videos are taken for digital smile design. Necessary measurements are taken from the lower and upper jaws. According to these, a smile design is created in the digital environment. The application of the smile design to the patient in the digital environment is very important to achieve the best smile design. It allows the patient to see clearly how he will look after the treatment. The aim in digital smile design is to capture the design that will most satisfy the patient. After these, our doctor transfers the necessary procedures to the patient and the treatment begins. The image obtained after the treatment is permanent. The duration of the Smile Design treatment varies. Depending on the treatment to be applied, it can result in a single day or last up to 2 weeks.


After Smile Design Treatment

  • Oral hygiene must be taken very seriously.
  • Required routine checks should be done at least twice a year.
  • Tobacco products should not be used.
  • Regular cleaning procedures should be applied.
  • Eating very hard foods should be avoided.


Most patients want to have a smile design called “Hollywood Smile”.
Hollywood smile, which is the whole of patient smiles, is applied with either veneers, crowns or implants.
Perfect and attractive teeth with an extremely natural whiteness are indispensable for Hollywood Smile.

There are some basic ingredients to have a Hollywood smile;

  • The upper front teeth should be straight and visible.
  • The upper middle 2 incisors should be more prominent.
  • The upper teeth should be visible while smiling.

  • The lower incisors should also be visible.
  • When smiling, the lips should be opened symmetrically.
  • Lip width should be half the width of the face.

What Treatment Methods Can Be Applied For Hollywood Smile?

  • Porcelain Laminate
  • Zirconium Crown
  • Laminate Veneer
  • Bleaching ( Dental Whitening)
  • Gummy Smile
  • Implant Treatments

Hollywood Smile Advantages

  • You will have a much more aesthetic and beautiful smile.
  • Symmetrical and white tooth appearance occurs.
  • A correct mouth closure is achieved.
  • Hollywood Smile makes one look younger and more dynamic.
  • A healthier appearance is obtained in the teeth and gums.

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    The duration of treatment varies according to the procedure to be applied.

    The duration of the procedures performed varies from person to person and according to the procedure performed. After the treatment, you should take more care of your teeth.

    Anyone over the age of 18 whose teeth and jaw structure has been completed can have this treatment.

    The person should take care of mouth, teeth and gum care, go to check-ups at regular intervals and apply what the doctor recommends.

    Zirconium has a longer life than others.

    No. Local anesthesia is applied during the treatment. you will not feel any pain because of this.


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