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It will improve your aesthetic appearance and alleviate of your back pain



Breast reduction is an operation to bring a part of the fat and skin part to the ideal size by plastic surgery methods in order to eliminate the discomfort caused by breasts that are much higher than normal. This aesthetic operation, which is widely preferred in men as well as women, is performed to ensure the harmony of the breasts with the body.

Breast reduction operation, which has become a medical need rather than an aesthetic need, is one of the most frequently performed operations in Turkey. Large and drooping breasts can also cause waist, neck and back pain in the person, as well as disrupt the general appearance and balance of the body. If your breasts are physically and psychologically damaging to you, you can achieve the healthy breasts that fit your body with an operation that will take approximately 2-4 hours at Besty Clinic and will be performed under general anesthesia.

Operation Process

Excess fat and skin tissues are removed from the body with the help of various equipment or VASER liposuction devices over the incision area. Then, the breast is rearranged and the incisions are closed in accordance with the cosmetic appearance and the surgery is terminated.

During the operation, the same size and shape is tried to be preserved in the right and left breasts.


After the surgery, the chest area should be wrapped with tight bandages. Since there will be intense fluid accumulation in the procedure area, a short-term drain should be placed in both breast tissues. While the amount of drain is followed in the post-operative period, the patient is followed up with necessary anti-inflammatory, painkillers and antibiotic drug treatments. After the procedure, tenderness and pain may be felt in the chest area. Again, it is a natural process to feel bruising, redness or swelling in the surgical area. During the healing process, activities that will cause excessive load on the muscles in the chest area should be avoided.

After tissue healing is achieved, problems such as pain, tenderness and swelling will disappear. Although these effects heal in about 1 week after the surgery, it may take several months for the breast tissue to completely recover. Therefore, patients are often advised to avoid intense physical activity for 3 months after surgery.


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