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The main purpose is to enhance the breast shape, and the results are long-lasting, providing you a look you desire



Breast lift is an aesthetic surgery operation in order to eliminate this problem in people who experience discomfort due to sagging breasts for various reasons. It is an operation performed to lift sagging or deformed breasts. It is also called Mastopexy (mastopexy). In the operation, the excess of the breast skin is removed and the breast tissue is given a suitable shape. The nipple is brought to the ideal position and the dark area around it (areola) is reduced. Thus, the breast is given an upright and new appearance.

The shape of your breasts may change over time due to reasons such as breastfeeding after pregnancy, weight gain and aging. If saggy breasts are not treated, they can even cause depression. It is very easy for you to feel better with your breasts that have an upright and healthy appearance after the operation to be performed by our specialist doctors with Besty Clinic! Although the breast lift operation varies from person to person, it usually takes between 1-4 hours. In order not to suffer after the operation and not to spoil the appearance of your breasts, you should be in constant contact with your doctor and use the provided corset regularly. It is normal to feel minor swelling and bruising after the operation. These will fade over time. You can return to work within 1-2 weeks after this operation.

Operation Process

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and the nipples are taken towards the previously planned area during the operation. The breast tissue is shaped. At this stage, while tissue is removed from the large breasts, a silicone prosthesis is attached to the small breasts. Then, if necessary, excess skin is removed from the area and the operation is completed.

Breast lift surgeries usually take 2-3 hours. This period may differ according to the degree of sagging of the breast, the size of the breast and areola, posture, skin type and the amount of excess skin. As long as everything seems fine, the patient is discharged on the day of the operation.


– After the breast lift operation, the patient can stand up and feed after 3 hours.
– You can take a shower within 2-3 days after the operation.
– After 3 day, we go to the hospital for regular boarding.
– It is recommended to stay away from sports activities for the first 3 weeks. During this period, it is more appropriate to use a sports bra that grips the breasts.
– It will take about 3 months for the breasts to take their final shape.
In periods of 3 and 6 months, the patient can apply to his doctor for control.
– At the end of one year, breast tissue is checked with mammography and / or ultrasound.

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