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It is a way to feel more confident and it is also a part of rebuilding the breast for various conditions



Breast augmentation is an aesthetic surgery operation performed to bring the breasts of women with small breasts to the ideal size with prostheses, also known as silicone, or by methods such as fat injection. In breast augmentation operations, a prosthesis filled with silicone gel, that is, breast implants, is commonly used. Fat injection application has also become popular recently. However, since the effect of fat injection may decrease and some patients are not suitable for injection, silicone prosthesis method is more preferred.

Although it is a very preferred procedure in Turkey for women with breasts smaller than the ideal body proportion, it is among the most preferred aesthetic operations in the world. The aim of the operation is to make the breasts look more upright and fuller. The important thing here is the compatibility of the type of silicone to be used with the person’s body. One of the 4 main silicone types is chosen according to the skin type and compatibility of the person.

Operation Process

A 4-5 cm incision is made for the placement of the breast prosthesis. This incision can be located in the inframammary fold, under the breast head or in the armpit area. The breast prosthesis is placed behind the breast tissue or chest muscle from the incision site. The incision is then closed with stitches. The stitch scar does not go away completely, but it is a small scar and becomes vague over time. There are silicone breast prostheses with different fillers. Which prosthesis is suitable is decided by the opinion of the specialist doctor according to the patient’s condition and the tissue of the breast. Breast augmentation surgeries take between 1-2 hours on average.


It is generally recommended to wear a bra or apply a wrap after breast augmentation surgeries. If self-dissolving stitches are not used, the stitches are removed approximately 10 days after the surgery. Swelling, numbness and bruising on the chest is a natural process. All these effects resolve spontaneously within a week. After breast augmentation surgery, our patients can return to their normal lives and work within 3-4 days. However, we recommend our patients to avoid heavy exercises for a few months.

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